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About Animal Ethics Dilemma

The idea behind the programme:

Animal Ethics Dilemma is a computer supported learning tool developed primarily for veterinary students. The programme is constructed as a computerized role-play game involving a number of case studies that users can either ‘play’ or explore. Selected authorized users will also be able to create their own cases.

Animal Ethics Dilemma adapts to the user’s ethical starting point and then provokes the user to reflect critically on that standpoint. It is a ‘provocation engine’ – a tool that knows the user’s personal viewpoint and highlights the attractions of alternative perspectives by bringing the viewpoint under strain in connection with evolving, ethically problematic situations.

The user experiences a role-play situation with a number of alternative choices. Choices made by the user lead to new dilemmas in which further decisions need to be made – challenging the user’s initial reactions. The dilemmas help to bring out the way in which ethical arguments relate to the situations described. Ideally users will see that their own viewpoint is one of many that can be taken.

Through Animal Ethics Dilemma users will obtain a better understanding both of their own ethical views and those of others.